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At Busack Eye Center, patients come first. Dr. Busack takes the time to meet with each patient to discuss their eye health. The interaction with patients and their families is one of the most rewarding aspects of working in our community. Below are some their thoughts and feedback about their experience with our practice.

Ridwan B.

From the outset of my urgent need for cataract surgery, Dr. Busack showed immediate empathy, and together with a very responsive staff at his office, managed to get me into surgery within a matter of days. He made the surgery itself so easy for me as a patient, with his humor and confidence that I had no concerns at all, a confidence justfied by a perfect result 24 hours later. I look forward - yes, that's true! - to having him replace the lens in my other eye as soon as possible.

Laura L.

Dr. Busack is a wonderful ophthamologist in many ways. Not only is he very competent and knowledgeable in his field, but he is also welcoming to his patients, kind, gentle, and thorough. Also, he always discusses whatever eye issues the patient has, and his cataract surgery on my eyes was admired by another eye specialist. Dr. Busack has been my eye doctor for over twenty years, and I feel confident my eyes are safe in his care.

Elaina D.

Dr. Busack could not have been more professional and kind when he performed LASIK vision-correcting surgery on me several years ago. I was nervous before the procedure began, and he talked to me very gently, and with humor, to soothe my nerves. He continued to do so until the procedure was complete. From the moment I sat up, I could see clearly for the first time since childhood. Dr. Busack's expertise and compassion are a model for what medicine should be -- treating the whole patient.

Hector R.

After years of glasses not improving my vision, I was apprehensive about approaching another doctor who would mistakenly tell me I just needed a different prescription. However, right off the bat, Dr. B’s patience and understanding was completely different from my previous experiences. He took to the time to give me personal care, was able to correctly diagnose my condition and helped me get the proper treatment. I cannot thank Dr. B enough for how much he helped me, and I wholeheartedly recommend him!